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The free bets in Arizona are beneficial to the bettors and the sportsbooks alike. These Arizona sportsbook promos are used as incentives for sports fans to bet on their favorite teams and players with a smaller risk than if they didn’t have the offer. They are also great for bookies to draw in tons of new costumes.

Free bets Arizona Explained

If you have ever seen welcome bonuses and risk-free promotions on sportsbook advertisements, these are various types of free bets for sports betting sites. Many of them are helpful for first-time betters to get a little taste of the world of wagering before diving in.

Although there are many great reasons sports bettors should take advantage of these free bet options, there are also some negative sides to them as well. This article will discuss those downfalls, what types of free bets are out there, and reputable sports betting sites you should try out that offer reliable promotions.

What are free bets in AZ, and how do they work?

Free bets are basically a marketing scheme for Arizona sportsbooks to grab the attention of potential bettors and entice them to try out their site. Once players are signed on, the free bets are continuously given out (usually on a smaller scale) to keep bettors playing and encourage them to wager on specific bets.

Often times one’s bettors would play usually. A free bet is an excellent way for newer players to get a feel for betting without risking too much from their own funds.

Most of the time, you will notice that the free bets offered will not award you the initial wager if you win a bet. So, for example, say you are betting on a Cardinals [Cardinals -155, Blue Jays +125] game with a free bet promo code, and the Cardinals win, you will get the $100 win, but you won’t get the $155 awarded to you for a free bet.

On the other hand, if you lose that bet in the same game, you have nothing to worry about because the free bet wager covers the stake, which means you come out even.

Free bets Arizona offers

Arizona sports betting sites have found tons of ways to make the free-bets sound more appealing to all audiences.

AZ Free bets

Free bets are some of the more popular options for welcome bonuses. These are some of the most attractive bets to first-timers giving a new sports betting site a try.

A free bet is only beneficial to the player if the first wager is a loss. However, if a player puts their money down on a specific game and wins, you get a virtual pat on the back and keep playing.

If the bet is a loss, the promotion activates, and you are awarded your losses in the form of a free bet. This bonus is kind of like erasing the evidence that the initial bet ever took place.

Money-back bets

A money-back free bet offer is kind of like having insurance on your wager in case of certain events during a game. These specific events will be listed as part of the promotion so you will know ahead of time what types of actions can take place in order for you to receive money back, even if your bet loses.

Are you still confused? This one can be a little tricky to understand; here is an excellent example to help you out. You wager on a hockey game, the score is tied almost the whole time, and they end up losing in overtime.

Over-time losses are often covered in a money-back promotion. So if your team lost during the regular game, you are out of luck, and if they lose in overtime, you will get some of that back in free bets.

Free bets, no deposit offers

A no-deposit bonus is a lot less profitable than most of the other free bet offers. For starters, the amount given to you by the books is usually on the smaller side, maybe $20.

The incentive behind these offers sounds great. You place a bet for 20 bucks and hope the team wins. If so, you collect your earnings and play your next game. If the team loses, no biggie, because it isn’t your $20 that you played with, so you move on, right?

Although there are times where you will see this play out seamlessly, it is rare, especially when you are working with less than reputable betting sites.

These wagers are some of the worst when it comes to a minimum bet. So, unless you are planning to bet big on a specific bet, where this promo is just going to ease the pain a tad if you lose, these may not always be good deals.

Matched bet bonuses

A matched bet bonus is one of the best free bet bonuses available (at least we think so). These are also very popular amongst betting bonuses in Arizona with sportsbooks because they are very enticing.

In a matched bet bonus, you are given a free bet that matches the amount of your first deposit up to a specific amount. This is similar to a risk-free bet. However, in a matched bonuses bet, you are still awarded even if your risk wager wins.

How do you get and use your free bets Arizona offers?

As mentioned above, free bets come as promotions given out by a specific sportsbook that can only be redeemed at their site. You will often find these promotions on the sportsbooks website or their social media pages.

Some sportsbooks will have the codes added right to your account; others require you to enter a promo code to redeem them. Most of the time, your welcome bet will require a promo code as you are setting your sportsbook account.

Free bet AZ pros and cons to consider

You might be thinking, “cons to free bets? It can’t be true.” However, nothing comes totally free (for the most part), and if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. When it comes to sports betting, there are plenty of pros to free bets as well as its fair share of cons.

Free bet pros

Here is a list of why free bets are fantastic for new and even professional sports bettors alike.

  • Easier to try new sports betting sites
  • It opens up options to bet on wagers you usually wouldn’t feel comfortable with
  • Keeps your losses to a minimum
  • (for sportsbooks) brings more customers to the site to increase wagers
  • Allows you to try new betting sites without risk

Free bet cons

Here is a list of the biggest downfalls to free bets. These are why it is essential to really understand what you are doing before sports betting.

  • It encourages you to bet on sketchy sites
  • Customers are more likely to bet on less than fair odds-boost
  • It brings in inexperienced bettors to wager on bets they aren’t sure of
  • Fine printmaking the bet not as amazing as it may have originally sounded

Note: It is extremely important for bettors to read the fine print on all promotions and bonuses, especially when it comes to free bets. These bets usually have some stipulations that aren’t easy to see until you have already gotten yourself into it.

Free money at Arizona sports betting sites

Arizona sports betting and “free money” are not too far away from each other. Because of the high competition in this business, operators are giving away a type of free money at their betting sites. This free money comes in form of bonuses, often when you’re signing up. But make sure you read the “fine print” before you get into action.

Welcome bonus: 100% deposit bonus up to $500

Free bets Arizona FAQs

What is a free bet in sports betting?

Free bets are promotions and bonuses given to new and current customers from sportsbooks. They are awarded to encourage players to try their site and to bet on games they may not normally wager on.

How do you use a free bet?

You are usually given a promotion code you can enter in order to receive your offer, and you will then follow the guidelines for each code. Most of the time, it is a way for players to break even on a lost bet or an opportunity to increase their winning potential.

Are sports betting legal in Arizona?

The legal betting age in Arizona is 21. You are required to show proof of age and proof of residency before you can place a bet on a sportsbook site.

Are there any disadvantages to free bets?

There are stipulations and qualification rules to most free-bet offers. Therefore, you should always read the fine print before utilizing any of these codes.

Where can you find free bet offers?

Free bets are always offered through individual sports betting sites. You can find these promotions on each individual webpage as well as their social media sites.

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